Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Early November

This piece is another look at street life in my neighborhood.

Early November

The eastern sky brightens making long shadows. Teenagers
with tightly buttoned jackets quick step to the yellow bus.
Then come the walkers, some with their exuberant dogs, some without.
They come alone or together, chatting and giving
chirpy greeting to whomever they meet.

By morning tea, come the joggers and cyclers.
Their sweatsuits vary in style and varying in age
as do they.

When the buses return during the brilliance of mid day,
the youths carry their jackets and warm-wear.
Now they chatter breezily with a bit of frisky jostling.

With the sun low in the western sky, walkers appear.
Home from work and daily chores done, a brief walk
to the pond seems to invigorate and revive.

Soon the cold and bitter weather with the hindering snow
will defer the idyllic activities. Until then,

"walk to the pond"

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