Thursday, November 15, 2018

Phone-y Vote

Phone-y Vote

The phone rings.
---Sir, may I ask you about the election?
-------No, I don't answer surveys.
Ten days later, the phone rings.
---Sir, may I ask you very few questions about the election?
-------No, I don't answer surveys.
Two weeks later, the phone rings.
---Sir, may I ask you one question about the election?
-------No, I don't answer surveys.

I find the survey results on-line.
There I proudly am.
---”refused” one percent.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Bill and Julia Visit

Bill and Julia Visit

Summer arrives in all its splendor.
Flowers in the fields, myriad of greens
of the uncountable trees, hot days with bright
blue skies and birds from the south
all return as they have for eons.

A delight of the season is the long visit
from Florida of Bill and Julia.
Our former town-mates some years ago
chose the warmer clime. Now we
get to see them during their annual visit.

Bill is a martial artist, accomplished poet
and enlightened friend. Bill's muse Julia,
despite her denials, has the heart of a poet,
artist and creative thinker.

We meet at the improbably towny eatery,
where artists and poets often lunch,
the Chinese buffet. We pass hours
talking. Past memories, current family
happenings, local, national and foreign
events, and health of the old, are all topics.

Meetings friends, who can share life's
pleasures and travails, is a delight of living.

Julia and Bill

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Norm Darling

Norm Darling

Poet, artist, friend, joyous Norm
delighted us with his endearing poems.
Millions of stars radiate on high.
now there's one more, Poet Norm

This photo of Norm was take at the Quahog Poets
party at the end of December 2017.

Sunday, September 30, 2018



Whether a cathedral or chapel there are
special artifacts to aid contemplation,
--- to realize
the spiritual self.
Sculptures, icons, gardens
and glass windows help believers
realize the import of the mystical.

Glass in church assist the worshipers
to feel in the heart a higher meaning.
Mosques are adorned with abstract designs
and with words from the Quran
to teach the pious the Way.
Buddhist gardens, both flora and rock,
furnish a nexus to the devout for heedfulness.

My assemblage of glass and stone
give me a focus point just as
colorful windows, abstract designs,
and rock gardens do.

"My Assemblage"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

After Labor Day

After Labor Day

The parade of people ambling
on our road has slowly changed.
The vacation-look of bathing
suits with flip-flops have become
less while day to day dress and dogs,
which know the area, become more.

Houses, where charcoal grills had cooked
chicken and sausage, now are closed,
empty until spring. Maintenance
workers are busy draining plumbing,
shutting electricity and checking that
the house is secure.

Bevies of laughing, chattering children
appear at appointed times to board
yellow buses. Later in the day they
return carrying their jackets.

The sun is lower in the sky,
rises later and sets earlier. Geese
realize the changing amount and caliber
of the light and start their annual journey.
The hot, humid days are in the past,
the rigors of a New England winter are
yet to come. For a while we are in our own

Friday, August 31, 2018

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

The tide goes out
the tide comes in.

The moon is new
the moon is full.

I am haughty
I am modest.

The world is tranquil
The world is in turmoil.

The tide ebbs
the tide flows.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Swelter

August Swelter

It's hot,
it's very hot,
it's really very hot.
The thermometer reads
eighty five.

The air is still,
very still. Not a leaf
is moving.
It's hot.

The air is muggy,
a film of sweat envelops
my body.
It's hot.

I move slow,
I drink glass after glass
of quenching Tang.
It's hot.

I think of January,
I think of the cold,
I think of the snow,
I think of the bitter winds,

I cherish the heat,
I cherish the humidity,
I cherish the sweat,
I cherish it's not January.
photo from web

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Two Summer Poem

High Summer

Crowds of fun seekers at the shore,
from the cities to here they pour.
In a summer or rented house they stay
when the sun is out, they come and play.
If the gray hides the sun or there is rain
they still find amusement, in the main.
Many people come here seeking fun,
it’s needed, after all is said and done.

Summer Vacation

I wish I had
joined the lobster fest in Onset
  bid at the art auction on Gifford Street
    taken a ferry trip to the Vineyard
       watched the fireworks celebration.
All,  I should have done,
   but didn’t.

Still, I did do some things
   wrote a poem about summer
     read a history of the Middle Ages
        lunched with friends at the Chinese buffet
          created glass and paper pieces
            listened to koto music.

On the other hand, I wasted time
   watched Poirot and Miss Marple
      found inane facts on the net
        read comics and chuckled
          played FreeCell on the Kindle.

I did some things I should have,
   didn’t do some things I should have,
      wasted time on some things,
                            and I’m glad.

Sunday, July 15, 2018



Nonna, as grandmother was known, was the most
loving of women. I remember being
hugged and kissed almost beyond reason.
Nonna never learned English, she couldn't
read or write in any language. When shopping
she recognized what she wanted by
the packaging, and sometimes got it wrong.
Most of her shopping was at specialty shops -
one for chicken, one for cheese, one shop
for vegetables - it was like that.
Nonna had seven children for whom she
lovingly cared. Nonna also worked as a seamstress.
She was an exceptional woman.

Some time before I was born, Pa, grandfather,
became a batterer. Back in the “old country”
as it was called, Nonna would have known what to do.
There were town and village elders, her and his extended
family and religious leader to appeal to. But here
there was none of that. Then the beatings moved from
just Nonna to the children, this must not be.
Nonna moved from the house and moved the children
to the houses of friends. She was given advice that
the courts could help. She appealed to the court,
with my aunt being the translator. The judge order
Pa out of the house. Nonna had to work more and
structure the home to be sure all the children were
properly cared for.

Nonna, now about a hundred and fifty years after
her birth, is looking down with pride. She can see
among her grand children and great grand children
doctors, educators, engineers, and other professionals
contributing skills and knowledge to the
country she loved.

highly modified picture from web

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Pantries, Root Cellars and Store Rooms

Pantries, Root Cellars and Store Rooms

They say a spell of inclement weather is coming.
Stop and Shop, and Shaw's supermarkets
have long lines as people wheel out full carts.

Until seventy years ago or so,
preserving foods, when bountiful
for when it wasn't, was common.
Some were canned
some were saved in the root cellars,
and some in store rooms.

A huge pot of water with jars
boiled on the stove
and wax was melting along side.
It meant something was being canned.
It could be berries to become jam,
or tomatoes for months in the future,
or string beans, the last one
to be opened on May Day.

In the root cellar winter pears and
apples along with carrots, potatoes,
white and sweet, winter squash, pumpkins
and other hardy produce were preserved in the cool,
dry, dark and vermin proof space.
The root cellar's abundance was drawn from
until the next years harvest.

In the store room bulk needs were stashed.
Flour, dried beans and peas,
dried hard sausage and
other non-perishables each had a spot.

Months of food were always accessible,
no rushing to the store when an
emergency threatened,
all needs were close at hand.
I thought root cellars were a thing of the past, but you can find out how to build one online.