Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Apologies to Ogden Nash

Apologies to Ogden Nash
(I wrote these in the style of Nash. Some of his are off-color and so are some of these.)

Teens delight in intense and wild,
geezers in light and mild.

Buzz, buzz wee fly,
I do wish you'd die,
Come, come busy spider,
now the fly's inside her.

Bill shows a broad smile
to hide all his bile,
he shows a odd grin,
being he's full of gin.

They used the phone when they drove,
they both drowned at the cove.

Worthy, valiant astronaut
in space do you fart a lot?

From the bottle they take a swig,
in a few months her belly's big.

At the beach lots of lotion
washed away by the ocean.

Raw onion's smell is strong
when cooked there's no pong.

Lots of cabbage Bill did eat
now his stomach sounds retreat.
Then he ate a pickled beet
now his tongue looks like raw meat.

Bill was stopped, a cop he met,
Bill was caught, because he sweat.

Billy boy sat on a berm
blissfully chewing on a worm.

Poor dear old friend Lorn
he played leap frog with a unicorn,
now the silly hunk
is cuddling a skunk.

This said to be the world's shortest poem.

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