Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Memories of Childhood

Memories of Childhood

From a haze I remember
mom with her clutch of ration books,
at the butcher pondering price
and ration coupons needed.
Was forty-nine cents a pound and
one coupon a better deal for this, than
that at thirty-nine cents and two coupons.

From the haze I remember
on the front porch, mom
with neighbors Lily and Gert.
Sometimes with a cheese graters and bars
of lye soap they made washing flakes.
Sometimes they knitted scarves and caps
to go into care packages to be sent somewhere.
A truck or two of singing teens would drive by
going to help local farmer tend the crops.
Mom and her friends talked about the recent
news – usually the war and uttered their
hopes and fears for the boys overseas.

From the haze I remember asking
if after the war would there be no
more news and only music on the radio.
There were radio programs
like “Fibber McGee and Molly”
Fibber usually tried to bend or break
some war effort rule or other, and
he always got into trouble.

From the haze I remember
when just half a decade old,
bits and pieces of those times.

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