Sunday, January 15, 2017

Month of Janus

Month of Janus

In my mind, I'm sitting in a pub
with beer bubbles tickling my nostrils
while listening to Japanese songs of
fellow patrons. These days I look
up from my book to sip
my luscious cocoa.

In my mind, I'm pedaling
on an unpaved path
to Coonamessett Pond. I smell
the mixed bouquet of
woodland blooms, pine and
humus. Now with my cane I totter
at the parking lot to go into
Shaw's supermarket.

In my mind, I'm at the tepid
water of a tropical sea,
the rhythm of the water
lapping on the beige sand.
Today on the dense plastic
bathing stool, soothing water cascades
from the flexible shower.

Janus, of ancient Rome, the god
of beginnings and of change,
to whom the first month is dedicated,
reminds us to hold the past
and to cherish the now.

"unpaved path to Coonamessett Pond"


  1. The Roman god Janus has to faces to look to the future and look back at the past. Another lovely poem and nostalgic photo. I believe we walked that road. I love this photo of the road and the photo of you walking on that road using your cane. You use the photo at the opening of your blog.