Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ode to Cell Phones

(another cell phone piece)

Ode to Cell Phones

These days if I forget my phone,
to retrieve it I'll go back home.
Cell phones are something new to me,
back then there was none,‭ ‬you see.
Though I lived without seventy years,
it's a neccesity now,‭ ‬it appears.
A useful even lifesaving‭  ‬aid.
a purchase I'm glad I made.
My,‭ ‬how our lives are better,
to wires there's not a fetter.
It is used too much by a few,
as often is with something new.
Now in the digital age we are,
going,‭ ‬who knows how far.

Graphic  from web

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